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Marching Season

SOJ 2009


Marching Band 2022   July 26th is our first full band rehearsal of the new season.  The staff is very excited for the latest addition of the Spirit of Joshua Marching Band     please see the calendar for the daily schedule, it changes often during summer   Items to bring every day we march. 1. Gallon Jug of Water 2. Hat that shades face. 3. White T-shirt 4. Shorts 5. tennis shoes with laces 6. instrument/flag/equipment 8. on days with lunch/dinner breaks packed food or arrange to go get food somewhere. 7. great attitude.     Teks covered this week  1(a,b,c,d,e,f)2(a,b)3(a,b,c,d,e)4(c,e)

SOJ Warmup Packet 2022

Flute - SOJ Warmup 2022
Oboe - SOJ Warmup 2022
Bassoon - SOJ Warmup 2022
Clarinet - SOJ Warmup 2022
Bass Clarinet - SOJ Warmup 2022
Alto Sax - SOJ Warmup 2022
Tenor Sax - SOJ Warmup 2022
Bari Sax - SOJ Warmup 2022
Trumpet - SOJ Warmup 2022
Horn/Melo - SOJ Warmup 2022
Trombone - SOJ Warmup 2022
Baritone BC - SOJ Warmup 2022
Tuba - SOJ Warmup 2022
Mallets - SOJ Warmup 2022
SCORE - SOJ Warmup 2022
ALL FILES (.zip folder)


please see you Marching Band 2022 gooogle classroom for all sound/music files

        Marching Band Video  

Movement Package with breakdowns arm postion no instrument wind players

arm position no instrument percussion players

1st and 2nd position


plies Lunges  

Nikita's Full version  

Mr. Bass's Full version game videos   Area Marching
SOJ WW Packet new WW warm-up 
SOJ Brass packet trombone/euph trumpet Tuba

Percussion Packet perc Warm-up      

SOJ RUNNING PLAN plan for increasing endurance  

SS OS      

Marching Band Pictures    

Drum Majors

drum majors
        Spirit of Joshua band picture
SOJ Band

The Spirit of Joshua's Marching Season begins each year with summer practice. Regular summer practice begins on the first Monday in July.  Thereafter,  practice is held every Monday in July. These are not mandatory practices, but they are highly recommended.  This is a time for the band to practice stand tunes as well as some marching music.

Mandatory band practice begins in August. The band will begin working on marching as well as music this month. A schedule for these practices is usually handed out in May of the previous school year. You may also find a link to the summer band practice schedule here or on the main band page.

During any of our outside(marching) practices it is mandatory that all participants wear a hat (visor, cap, etc.), bring a water jug, wear appropriate shoes for marching, and wear appropriate clothing (to help to stay cool). It is recommended that sun block is also used. It is  also recommend that students drink plenty of water BEFORE practice even begins. The earlier students begin hydrating their body the better. It can get very hot during marching practices and we would like to avoid students becoming ill due to the heat. Students are given regular water breaks.

Once school begins,  practices usually change to Tuesdays and Thursdays. This year practice time is 5 - 8 p.m. The band will  also practice Fridays 4:30-5:30  after school (before home games).

The SOJ Band performs at all ten JHS football games and pep rallies, three to four marching contests, and in the JHS Homecoming Parade. For the first three or so games and the parade, band members wear their band t-shirt, uniform khaki shorts, and black or brown belt. Once it is cool enough, they wear their full band uniforms. Once they begin wearing their full uniform they will need to wear the following:

  • Black band shirt
  • Black spandex shorts
  • Black marching shoes
  • Black socks
  • White marching gloves

For away games the following is also needed.:

  • Garment bag for their uniform
  • A tote bag for there Lyre, clip folder, personal items, snacks, drinks etc.
The band instruments are loaded on rental trucks and trailers for away games. They take their garment bag (Uniform inside) and their tote bag on the bus.